Èpica, an initiative by La Fura dels Baus, officially presents itself with the workshop «About Memory». It offers a multidisciplinary learning experience based on the connection between art, science and technology in order to find new ways of interacting with the audience.

Throughout 37 years La Fura dels Baus has not only characterized itself by a style, it has also developed a specific method. Èpica’s approach is based on La Fura dels Baus’ methodology when it comes to depicting its creativity: a combination of experimentation, transversality and collaboration.

Workshops are presented as a territory for experimentation, sharing knowledge and applying technology to different areas outside the usual ones -universities and research centres- by bringing it to social environments.

The central concept of this workshop is memory. The concept is developed through three typologies: Memetic Memory, Illustrated Memory and Digital Memory. Memetic Memory refers to the one we incorporate genetically. It’s the memes we could describe as inherent, it’s the basic words that repeat themselves in different cultures and are represented the same way: mother, hunger, sky, earth, person, sea, sun, moon… These basic concepts are rooted in our deepest memory.

Illustrated Memory is composed of everything we have incorporated to our memory from the first representation of our reality, from cave paintings to printed words, in addition to all the symbols, mathematical formulas, sounds, images, etc.

Digital Memory has to do with everything we have hoarded through bits and makes us ask ourselves: What criteria should we follow in the future to preserve or delete the millions of terabites we generate, personally and colletively? Or, in other words, what will become of all this stored memory?

Parc de les Humanitats i les Ciències Socials – Universitat de Barcelona Carrer Perú, 52 Barcelona, 0018