A new employment experience for young people. Èpica i Singular is a new project where a series of young people looking for a job will learn and improve their abilities in a new scenario and in a way that completely differs from the norm.

La Fura dels Baus, along with its foundation Èpica, the Catalan Labour Foundation for the Construction Sector (FLC) and Badalaona’s Municipal Institute of Employment Promotion (IMPO), three completely different entities who share the goal of developing opportunities for young people, agreed to design a common project incorporating each one of their experiences and insights.

This new experience, financed by the Catalan Employment Service within the framework of its Youth Guarantee programmes, offers two lines of work for young people under 30.

The first one, which we may call “of employment”, consists in developing a series of professional abilities and competences by co-creating a theatrical project with the rest of participants, La Fura dels Baus and other professionals. This action tries to provide a more attractive and different way to work with young people and will incorporate the learning of audiovisual techniques and construction specialties related to the world of entertainment (vertical work, structure assembly, etc.). This last aspect will be FLC and IMPO’s main area of action. This line of work will also include guidance on job search and contracting processes.

The second one, aimed to young entrepreneurs, offers a series of resources to facilitate the implementation of business and self-employment projects, be it in the creative industry sector, the construction sector, the media sector or other sectors.