Fundación Épica

Third year Media students from BAU, Design College of Barcelona, work for four weeks in the Èpica Foundation to develop a crossmedia performance with The Brain as a subject matter.

When creating the performance, students have the Kalliope app as an indispensable element: they must guide the audience through the space, give them clues throughout the show and make them interact with the events that take place through video, audio and text messages that each viewer will receive directly to their mobile device.

As for the script, investigations and readings are carried out on the chosen topic, The Brain. After sharing ideas with the class, each working group elaborates a part of the plot based on the questions its members have asked themselves during the preparation of the topic. What are the limits of artificial intelligence? How can a synaesthetic experience be transmitted? Is it possible to recreate the effects of a hallucinogenic trip? What attracts and repels the human brain, and how do these reactions detonate?

Thus, the students design audios, graphics, settings and actions for a performance that wishes to convey to viewers the same doubts the creators have asked themselves. All this using crossmedia elements and, of course, the fundamental language of the Èpica Foundation and La Fura dels Baus.