Fabra i Coats
The second edition of the Som Cultura Popular forum has arrived, with the aim of becoming the meeting point of the different collectives of popular culture. Different spaces of the old factory of Fabra i Coats and of the neighbor Can Fabra will be the stages of a multitude of activities open to the public. There are three axes that articulate this edition: education and popular culture, intangible cultural heritage, and social changes associated with urban transformation and gentrification. Throughout the four days of the forum you will be able to see about thirty exhibitions of the Nomad Museum and get closer to the richness of the associative fabric in the Rambla de Entidades. The associations will also present initiatives and diverse experiences, which will be disseminated in the form of presentations, lectures and debates. In addition, you can visit a sample of publications, a fair of festive products and another with games and toys or even participate in different workshops for all ages, as well as performances of dance, music, fire and human constructions throughout the weekend.