NEW YEAR’S EVE – 2013/2014

New Year’s Eve commemorative Macro Show, Ésser del Mil•lenni, it is a popular celebration of water, fire and music that welcomes the new year from the magic fountains in Montjuïc, directed by La Fura dels Baus and promoted by Turisme de Barcelona. With the technical production of FOCUS and the leading role of the Castellers of Sants to symbolize the spirit of Barcelona.

In its second edition in 2014, it had the participation of Santi Arisa and Ginesa Ortega. And it was followed on television by more than 110 million people. This celebration has obtained the Grand Jury* Award as the Best Annual Event of 2014, in the annual contest of the Eventoplus Awards.

*The Jury was composed by directives of the biggest event agencies, media and organization clients, and was chosen amongst 211 candidates.


» Créditos
Artistic Directors

Carlus Padrissa, Pep Gatell i Miki Espuma (La Fura dels Baus)

Music Composition

Miki Espuma (La Fura dels Baus) i Ian Britton

Direction Assistant

Mireia Romero


Nadala Fernández


Jaime Llerins

Video Design

Pelayo Méndez


Carles Fígols, Vanesa Papa,  Tatín Revenga, Ramon Tarès, Vidi Vidal

Ésser del Mil·leni Representation

Castellers de Sants



Production Assistant

Helena Fernández García-Ruz



Technical Production