DAU – 2017
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Tempus Fugit produced the sixth edition of Dau Barcelona Festival, a great celebration of participation and creativity devoted to the world of games. The programme included games of all kinds and for all ages. Dau Barcelona took place from Friday 17 to Sunday 26 November. Games are the only creative activity in which the end recipient is always the absolute protagonist. A game is a creation that the people who participate in it literally experiment with. A game is also a phenomenon of social relations and cohesion of the highest order. For all these reasons, Dau Barcelona is a festival aimed at both families and experienced players, who have the chance to enjoy a huge range of games. At the festival, board games publishers and clubs devoted to a long and varied list of games will teach young and old alike to learn how to play. Visitors from the age of five will all find a place to play at Dau Barcelona.