Fira Tàrrega

Art project specifically conceived as an inaugural action for FiraTàrrega 2017, with the aim of diluting the frontiers between Art, Science and community participation. The artist Ada Vilaró and the scientist Josep Perelló propose a project that involves people, associations and spectators in an artistic and scientific research on love, community, presence and silence.

The inuagural action begins with the sound of the heartbeat at the Plaza Mayor, it is the heart of the artist Ada Vilaró, who for 40 hours will be living in the public space. The sun rays will begin to be seen in the square along with the people of Tàrrega. From a distance you will be able to feel the traces of those people who come to Fira Tàrrega and enter the square through small rooms, designed by the artist Josep Perelló. Inside these will be born dilemmas about the public space and the community, which will invite you to get in touch and listen to the heartbeat. Gradually the energy of the square will increase and from it will arise the rituals of basic needs, food, sleep and love, to be shared in community. Therefore, it is an action that invites the viewer to be an active part of the action, to be present and not just to use their sights but all the senses. Because it is with the presence of the whole world that changes become possible, that we can share space and time from love.

» Créditos

Ada Vilaró and Josep Perelló


Ada Vilaró, Josep Perelló and Paloma Orts

Composition and musical direction

Xavi Lloses


Albert Bonet and Ada Vilaró

Lighting design and sound landscape

Chris Salter, Alexandre Saunier and Joe Plazak

Costume Design

Fiona Capdevila

Graphic and space design

RUN, Estefania Aragüés, Xavi Roca and Ignasi Rosés


Nadala Fernández

Sensor design

Daniel Prades and Josep Perelló