Aarhus Productionsskole

Following the success of «Family Memories» , a workshop held with Aarhus Productionsskole students during May of 2016, a new collaboration between US Collective Plays, Èpica and Aarhus Productionsskole takes place in honor of Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017.

The Danish title of «Voices Voices Voices» is «Stemmer Stemmer Stemmer»; this word can also mean refining, choosing, voting – multiple meanings for a polyvocal workshop with many points of view at its core. The primary narrative focus are the voices that come into play when someone changes city, country or identity; both their own voice, which runs the risk of being lost in circumstances such as these, and the voices they will remember in their situation. As always, knowledge sharing and multidisciplinarity were key tools to develop the workshop, which concluded with two major performances at Ridehuset on 28 and 29 April.

Aarhus Productionsskole developed project drafts and found materials to get to work as soon as the Èpica team arrived in Aarhus. This helped to create a show based on solid foundations that could be polished and refined for the final exhibitions.