Festival Santiago a Mil

ORBIS VITAE is a macro-show performed in three parts, on three different dates and three different spaces.
date 18-01-2009 ” The Search ” between Enrique Foster and Apoquindo’s street – Santiago de Chile – Chile
date 25-01-2009 “The Meeting ” Alameda’s central median in front of “La Moneda” – Santiago de Chile – Chile
date 01-02-2009 “Creating Cu ” Huanchaca’s ruins – Antofagasta – Chile

The story of a winged man in search of his beloved, a copper giant of 9 meters high. In the first show it explains his journey in search of his beloved. In the second show, he finds it, gets married and she dies from lack of magic as the Theatre Festival ends the night of their meeting and she can only live during the Festivals magic.
At the last show in the ruins of Huanchaca, it explains the arrival of aliens who discover the ancient ruins activity. Such activity was to build big copper giants through experiments, which made them come to life. And playing the part of space archaeologists from such activity. This dramatic speech afforded us great opportunities to dramatize a show to close the Festival and also an opportunity to merge our large and spectacular props with all the ancestral Chilean culture and its musical richness.
From here an honourable mention for the more than 150 Chilean people who helped us, who created, built, assembled and performed three shows in three weeks. Thank you very much

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-Act I “The Search” 18-1-2009 21:45h.
Adress: Avda. Apoquindo with Enrique Foster – Las Condes- Santiago de Chile
-Act II “The Meeting” 25-1-2009 21:45h.
Bandejón Central de la Alameda, in front of “Palacio de La Moneda”, Santiago Centro: Santiago de Chile
-Act III “Creating Cu” 1-2-2009 21:45h.
Huanchaca’s Ruins – Antofagasta- Chile.

Artistic Director

Pep Gatell

Assistant Director

Kike Blanco


Miki Espuma


Joan Rodón


Jaime Llerins


Jorge Antonio Rodríguez “Pulgui”
Marga Binoux
Julio Cámara (Parábola Performance)


Txell Janot, Vidi Vidal, Ramón Tarès


Raúl Almansa


Nadala Fernández

Nexus Production Chile-España

Javiera Parada

Chile Actors

gabriela parker
alejandra poblete
rocio stuven
paula sanchez
wanda flores
nicolas pino
luis ruiz moreno
francisco oviedo
alan jorquera
jorge castillo
francisca gacitua
paula riquelme
carlos cardoch
cristian monsalve
emilio lopez
valeria germain
felipe cabrera
alvaro busta
andrea nuñez
pamela quero
daniela rojas
anais nadal
marcela bobadilla
arnald palma
maria belen
adolfo saez
daniela gomez
isabel orellana
mª jose jaureguiberry
daniel jerez
macarena astete
sebastian gonzalez
jorge adrias
gonzalo riquelme
patricio nico torres
jose orellana
constanza becker
leslie balaguer
kattya borquez
andres parra
nicolas marquez
tamara dupre
catalina vargas
elisa peraldi
leonel arregui
sofia melo
alvaro valdes
raul rivera
karen gomez
paola orellana
mario nuñez
daniela schuster
viviana valenzuela
mauricio roa
carlos paredes
nicolas espinoza
cecilia guerrero
mª pia oliu
nairobi mota
carola ibacache
paula ortiz
alexander baxter
fernando pérez

This three performances were held in the Santiago a Mil Festival
Direction: Carmen Romero
Production: Evelyn Campbell
Technical Director: Pipo Lawner
Administration: Paola Hevia
Communication: Patricia Farías
Logistics: Beatriz Vergara