Fundación Épica

“¿Quién gana la corona? / Bodas de Sangre” is a performative and interactive cycle in which both the public and the participants works collaboratively, validating this distributed digital theater format launched by the Fundación Épica.

The project incorporates in each of its parts on the one hand, a contest where a serie of contestants play from their own homes and on the other hand, an episode of a work based on Lorca’s text “Bodas de Sangre”, created expressly for this cycle.

The main objective of the project is to promote society’s attention towards the performing arts and culture, proposing an interaction with the public through innovative gamification techniques. From the use of mass communication tools that allows active participation in the cultural event, the aim is to facilitate access to knowledge for the civil society using a common language. In this way, society becomes a large audience that decide, contribute and participate in the cultural event.