For explanations most popular to psychologists, Bollywood movies typically appear to validate or worse, glorify what of a ‘lover’ whom stalks the thing of their (rarely her) affections. Here are some glaring types of what ought not to be appropriate behavior in a ‘heroic’ figure.

1. Toilet – Ek Prem Katha

Akshay Kumar is a stubborn fan, eager getting hitched. In one chance, he’s seen attempting to click a picture of girl on their mobile phone in which he doesn’t always have the woman authorization. Prohibited, could it be?

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Now I don’t know exactly why the Hindi film heroes can’t have respect for boundaries.


is actually a lunatic movie with a really annoying male lead whom believes they are God’s present to womankind. He flirts with any and everyone in a skirt or hot trousers until the guy satisfies the main one. Not a problem where except that she has a boyfriend. That’s only a small hurdle for him as he insults the man, dumps his best blonde dating and victories the affections for this girl that is daft adequate to sleep with him the very first day she fulfills him. Stockholm problem?


Badrinath ki Dulhaniya

Among 2017’s greatest hits had a loutish leading man whom follows a nice, knowledgeable and ambitious woman around town. She’s least contemplating him but that does not matter. Really, this correct


flies to Singapore to ‘teach the girl a lesson’ and on one event, bundles the girl into the trunk of a vehicle. The guy in addition produces a nuisance throughout the roads along with the woman training institute. However she comes for him. ‘Nuff said.

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Dhanush’s honest simpleton work cannot cover the fact he could be an idiot exactly who can’t simply take no for a response. Their fantasy lady, Sonam, gives him complicated signals but each time the guy requires this lady immediately, she has a stable answer – No. And the hero are unable to believe that. He might be heartbroken but that does NOT provide him the permit to drive their scooter into a pond together regarding pillion. Neither can it provide him the authority to kidnap this lady from a hospital sleep.

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Agreed, you should be a little wary of it is Salman Khan who is wooing you, but actually a solid woman like Anushka Sharma did not have it in her to reject their undesirable advances. Definitely, he is kind and compassionate to ensure that justifies all their actions. Immediately after which it’s SHE that has to give up her job and motivate HIM to win those medals.


Hum Tum

Saif Ali Khan takes on a pleasant flirt. No problem in starting to be lovely and absolutely nothing wrong in-being a flirt. But ANYTHING incorrect in kissing a girl without her permission simply to show a point. Certainly, the film ended up being sweet additionally the characters had been all likeable but this is basically the issue – even in a ‘good’ flick, you show it really is fine to annoy a lady, try to befriend their whenever she doesn’t program any overt interest immediately after which artificially kiss their. The Reason Why?

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Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein

Roentgen Madhavan’s first flick has surprisingly claimed a cult soon after in television/DVD routine. Nevertheless the misogyny displayed according to the attire of really love is actually surprising. Maddy tries to win his beloved’s cardiovascular system by faking an identity. Whenever she realizes, she actually is naturally pissed. This leads him to a destructive path in which the guy stalks their, threatens the woman fiancé (a dashing Saif Ali Khan), behaves like a goon at one point, actually states, ‘

In ladkiyon ko kone mein ce jaake

….’. Excuse me?

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Deewana Mujhsa Nahin

This will be a long-forgotten (and greatest disregarded) Aamir Khan-Madhuri Dixit starrer that’s been within the list purely to show the level that a stalker can go. Aamir takes on a madly-in-love guy whom helps make life unhappy for Madhuri which surprisingly tolerates every antic. Only YouTube the catchy title ditty to understand what the guy does! It Is merely within the last few framework associated with the film that she says the miraculous terms ‘I Adore You’. The Reason Why? Coz

deewana ussa nahi,


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Why don’t we be fair to your un-fair sex also. Stalking is stalking plus it does not matter that is doing it – person. Within abominable motion picture from the 90s, Karisma Kapoor performs a precocious kid just who harasses the woman instructor, played by Anil Kapoor. From spreading is about him to playing pranks and trying to seduce him, she tries every secret into the trade. He could be merely hopeless. However, the woman measures never see this lady getting penalized – she is a cute and slutty lady who is very sort, you see!



This Urmila-Shah Rukh Khan starrer wasn’t a relationship, it had been a funny ghost movie. Why performs this make this number? Considering a really objectionable tune – Bichoo, set in a train where a village son is nearly molested by a team of ladies lead by Urmila. Today, reverse the functions – imagine a single lady surrounded and leered at by a team of guys in a train. Creepy, is not it? Why should it be okay for one become harassed thus?

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